Our Services

We Specialise in Vibracrete Solutions in and Around Cape Town.
| New Vibracrete Walls
| Vibracrete Extensions
| Plastered Vibracrete
| Vibracoat
| Palisade Fencing
| Gates & Spikes

Looking For Vibracrete Experts?

We manufacture and supply all vibracrete materials

X-TEND-A-WALL-CAPES has been in operation since 1995.

We are a family-owned business that strives to meet our clients needs no matter how big or small the project is

We specialize in anything vibracrete related, New Walls, Vibracrete extensions, Vibracrete Repairs, Replacement of Posts and Slabs, We Manufacture and Supply all Vibracrete Materials for New Vibracrete Walls and Extensions.

What Our Clients Say

Over 25 years of experience and expertise under our hard hats, we partner with owners and developers to build high-quality projects.